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Jihadis Cheer as Washington Navy Yard Shooting Kills 12

“Howdy, Neighbor!”  On militant sites, Jihadis were jubilant about the shooting.  Although there was no claim of responsibility, one Jihadi cheered that the “attack achieved numerous injuries in a very important building.   A second Jihadi posted the photo above on a radical militant website.  It is a screen grab from a CNN broadcast.  He praised “the panic among citizens.”  The Take-Away:  Note the upper-right corner of the screen grab.  This Jihadi was watching WJLA, the ABC affiliate in Washington, D.C. – a stark reminder that radical militants number among our neighbors.   (From a militant site.)

We don’t know yet whether Islamic terrorists were behind the Navy Yard Shooting today, but Islamic Jihadists are already celebrating. Gunfire erupted in the busy industrial More...

Militant Cops Treating People as Enemy Combatants on the Battle Field Here in America

Ashley Brooks ICU

Ashley Brooks in ICU after being slammed face-first into the pavement. Militant cops using abusive techniques to lord it over average citizens… “Ashley Brooks said More...

Funeral Held for Slave After More Than 200 Years

funeral for slave

Our brief: Kind of creepy that someone would hold on to someone’s bones for this long, but it’s interesting that Mr. Fortune will be buried with very prominent people. More...


19 Very Disturbing Facts on Illegal Immigration

19 Very Disturbing Facts on Illegal Immigration (via Tom O’Halloran) By Michael Snyder Should we roll out the red carpet and allow millions upon millions of thieves, rapists, More...

Obama: The Middle Class Needs More Government

In an Op-ed in the Boston Herald, President Obama laid out his “vision” for helping the middle class. Reading through the campaign-style op-ed we find that Obama continues More...

2013 Emmy Awards Recap: Nothing Dull About This Year


The 2013 Emmy Awards made for an eventful Sunday evening. Full of surprises, and many unexpected wins, it was an all around More...

2013 Emmy Predictions For A Most Unpredictable Year


The 2013 Emmy Awards are Sunday, September 22nd. This is going to be a year of unpredictability. With the typical More...

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Drone Strike Obama’s False Tears For Gun Violence Victims – Betrayed By Innocent Civilians And Children Killed In Drone Strikes

Obama's false tears for gun violence victims is predictably exploited to push his agenda, which are...

I'm sorry...what? CEO Howard Schultz Insists Starbucks is Neither Pro- or Anti- Gun But New Policy Says No Guns

Apparently, CEO Howard Schultz doesn’t understand what it means to take sides… CEO Howard Schultz has...

gun control debate feinstein The Gun Control Debate Sen. Feinstein Does Not Want To Have | @SaraMarieTweets @WashTimes

Following the Navy Yard shooting, we must have a gun control debate in Congress - just...
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Sara Marie Brenner’s Radio Show, Sep 23: Ann-Marie Murrell from Politichicks

Brenner Brief Radio

Join Sara Marie Brenner for the show as she interviews Ann-Marie Murrell from Politichicks as well as the latest More...

Sara Marie Brenner Now Writing For The Washington Times Communities Page

Sara Marie Brenner is joining the team at The Washington Times Communities Page with her "conservatarian," brazen columns on the important..

Sara Marie Brenner’s Radio Show, Sep 16: Scottie Nell Hughes from Tea Party News Network

Join Sara Marie Brenner for the show as she interviews Tea Party News Network's News Director Scottie Nell Hughes and discuss..

What the Numbers Really Show About the Obama Economy | @SaraMarieTweets @WashTimes

obama economy

The Obama economy is best described by the numbers, and the Census Bureau’s statistics are not positive. WASHINGTON, More...

Asian Stocks Sink On Syrian Fears (thanks Obama)

Asian stocks fell sharply Wednesday, while oil prices rose and emerging market currencies sank, as the West stepped up preparations for..

Carpe Diem Or Carpe Momentum For the Construction Business?

Any movie buff who saw Dead Poet’s Society, starring Robin Williams, knows the meaning of the Latin idiom: Carpe Diem. The..

Bradlee Dean: The Soros Campaign to Shut Me Down

Bradlee Dean “These people love to pull your hair, smack you in the face, assault you and your livelihood, and then have the..
obama economy

What the Numbers Really Show About the Obama Economy | @SaraMarieTweets @WashTimes

The Obama economy is best described by the numbers, and the Census Bureau’s statistics are not positive...
Merritt Landry

Will New Orleans Repeat Trayvon Martin With The Merritt Landry Case?

t certainly appears that New Orleans Mayor, Mitch Landrieu, is following the same game plan that Angela Corey wrote when she..
irs obamacare

The IRS Obamacare Debacle: The Keep The IRS Off Your Health Care Act (Part 2 of 3)

In light of the fact that the very person at the IRS who oversaw targeting of conservative groups -- Sarah Hall..