Published On: Wed, Jan 9th, 2013

This mom and her message

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Cue scene.

The camera pans in for the close up. We see a 30-something year old woman, a mother of 9-year-old twins providing her unequivocal endorsement of the most valuable product in her home. While many moms including me enthusiastically would endorse the Nintendo Wii or the iPad as the product allowing a little sanity in our kid filled days, this mom — this 30-something year old mom — is endorsing another product entirely … a .38 revolver.

Last week in the midst of the fierce gun control debate, this mom from Loganville, Georgia used her .38 revolver to protect the most precious thing in her life: her 9-year-old twins.

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At home with her children, she heard a knock at the door. She assumed it was a solicitor and asked her kids not to answer. When the knocking turned to uncontrolled door bell ringing, this mom became worried and called her husband at work. He immediately dialed 911 and asked his wife to take the children and hide until the police arrived.

This mom hid with her kids in a crawl space as the knocking and door bell ringing ceased. Paul Ali Slater was no longer knocking at her door; he was an ex-convict beyond the door, within the home and rummaging through its possessions.

Eventually, Mr. Slater made his way to the crawl space where this mom was hiding with her twins. Without knocking, Mr. Slater entered the crawl space door and received the shock of his life: five bullets to the face and neck because this mom was armed.

Unlike most political topics failing to capture the American people’s attention longer than a week, the gun control debate intensifies. Gun enthusiasts, taking a cue from the President’s strategy, “never let a crisis go to waste,” continue their defiance. They turn out and arm up at gun shows throughout the U.S. shattering past attendance records.

According to a recent WTOP article, Annette Elliot, the President of Showmasters Gun Shows said, “the gun show’s attendance has doubled since the [Sandy Hook Elementary] shootings and since recent conversations of gun control. Literally, the exhibitors are running out of merchandise. They are running out of ammunition. They are running out of assault weapons, and the handguns are moving rapidly so.” Elliot goes on to say she sees “a lot of new customers, folks that realize that this could get real serious. What the average person perceives are that they are going to come take my rights away to protect myself.”

In his latest Meet the Press interview, President Obama made it clear gun control will be a top priority of his second term agenda, saying he vowed to put his “full weight” behind the push for new gun control legislation. Right or wrong, Americans attending gun shows throughout the U.S do not expect this administration to protect our right as citizens to bear arms, and so they purchase.

Kate Obenshain, interviewed Monday on The Brenner Brief radio show, was asked her opinion regarding the GOP’s messaging of fundamental issues such as the right to bear arms. Her opinion is a good one. She speaks not only of having the right, concise and cohesive message, but also of having it delivered by the right messenger. Rather than allowing the same politicians and predictable second amendment advocates to be responsible for the GOP’s messaging on the right to bear arms, perhaps a mom — this mom who used her .38 revolver to save her life and the lives of her twins — would be a much more impactful option.

End scene.

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  1. This is one anecdote. Anecdotes should not dictate policy. Instead, we need to look at the stats.

    From the NY Daily News article you linked to: “According to a 2011, study from the University of Pennsylvania, victims in possession of firearms were 4.5 times more likely to be shot and 4.2 times more likely to be killed than unarmed victims.

    And, just last year the Harvard Injury Control Research Center, a division of the university’s School of Public Health, in a literature assessment, concluded there is ample evidence suggesting that more guns equates to more murders.”

    1. dmbatten says:

      Dozens of ‘anecdotes’ are being shared on Twitter every day in the #TGDN group. I don’t think they are ‘anecdotes’ at that point.

  2. srush1970 says:

    Oh Andy, Ty for taking the time to read and respond to the article. It’s truly appreciated
    This is my dear friend Andy from UGA, right?
    We could spend the entire day bantering back and forth with statistics backing up one side of gun control vs the other, and get no where.
    The point of the article was not to say, see look here….there was this woman in JawJah who saved her kids life w a fire arm, proof positive-no gun control needed.

    The point was two fold:
    1.) like it or not, Many Americans do not trust this administration to support the right to bear arms

    2.) The GOP/2nd amendment folks would be much better served by ppl who can make a cogent point w out being set up as the crazed fool, and spokesperson for those nuts who believe in their right to bear arms

    The real issue is we’ve become accustomed as a nation to demand laws to “fix” the societal problems we face. Bc it is much easier to do this than to look within and see our failures as parents, sisters, children, friends, neighbors. As failures in our community, not demanding more, setting expectations higher. And the reality is until we deal w the reasons behind the violence in our society, no amount of additional gun control laws will make a dent

  3. gopwin says:

    I haven’t heard the President, Vice President, or the leadership of the Senate or House talking about taking away people’s right to bear arms such as the gun used in this article. Let’s not overreact and jump on the “They’re taking away ALL our guns” bandwagon. The discussion has centered on assault type weapons that are used to kill lots of people quickly,, which is necessary for our military, but not for guns used by sportsmen for target shooting or to hunt rabbits, squirrels, and deer, or guns for folks to have in their homes for protection. No one wants to take those guns away from us.
    Keep in mind that the NRA is mainly funded by gun manufacturers who want to sell as many guns as possible and not by the sportsmen members. Numerous surveys of sportsmen show support from them for additional controls on guns.
    Who needs an assault gun that can fire 5 bullets per second such as the guns used to kill 20 first graders in Newtown?

  4. srush1970 says:

    Typically I would agree w gopwin as I personally do not have a problem w assault weapons being limited nor w background checks, wait time etc.
    The ‘over reaction’ comes bc we’ve hit a tipping point.
    These changes legislating away our freedoms didn’t happen over night
    They happen little by little. And we say ‘yes’ I am not jumping on the ‘they’re coming for our guns ‘ bandwagon it makes perfect sense to limit assault weapons, and then it goes on from there
    Does it go from banning assault weapons to none at all over night, no.
    Will this ever happen, I have no idea but I also never thought I’d see the day where a private business owner can no longer choose the type of health ins policy that fits w in their operating budget and w their beliefs. After all it is their business not the governments business, right ?