Published On: Thu, Mar 21st, 2013

Modern Feudalism is Destroying Free Markets

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Modern day feudalism is being forced upon the American people, and for the most part, we have been fooled into thinking that it is good for us, when in fact, it is destroying the free markets.

From Bloomberg’s edict on sugary drinks, to the recent spate of food manufacturers applying for permits to sell horse meat for human consumption, the American standard of living is under assault on a daily basis. We are being encouraged to eat less, want less, and lower our expectations on everything from food to cars.

These ideas are representative of the turn of the tides of power away from the freedom of capitalism, and a return to the tyranny of the elite over the individual. They are using the bogus argument that it is more ‘green’ and better for our health to turn control of resources over to government.  In short, it is a restoration of the forces of feudalism.

In the ‘bad old days’ of the Middle Ages government was, in most parts, run by a concept described by historians as “feudalism“. Although some historians simply describe feudalism as despotic rule, and/or tyranny, feudalism is a term used when the elite or nobility has control over lower classes and their resources, through voluntary or deeded title and landholdings.


Solar power credits to companies that are cronies, tax breaks to industries and corporations, that in turn use that enormous wealth to re-elect their leftist conspirators.

The nobility in those days kept tight control over the kingdom’s resources. Shooting a king’s deer or mining, or drilling for water on the king’s land, meant severe repercussions for those doing so without permission from the king. Permission was defined as a title, and for that title, a certain tax or ‘levy’ was assessed yearly by the king. Thus control of those resources allowed the king to maintain power, through the use of those tax funds to amass armies and defend their noble rights, some of which were quite onerous. It made it difficult for the masses to amount to much during a civil insurrection, since they could not raise capital to amass weapons without significant resource holdings. Using this system, the nobility held sway over large portions of the world for many generations.

It wasn’t until the rise of mechanization, the ability of the masses to gather wealth, and the eventual expansion of the New World, that this system finally lost its grip over mankind. Keep in mind, that this was fairly recent development from an historical point of view- only about 350 years. The control of the kingdom’s resources goes back to the time of King Arthur, and the concept of classes and nobility even further to Rome.

Now, look at the green movement and what does it want to accomplish? Well, first off, it wants the people of the world to stop using up resources and issue harsh penalties to those that don’t comply. It wants to control that distribution of resources to those who control their respective governments, and to essentially centralize control of the distribution of said resources (i.e. wealth) to the citizens they see fit to. Solar power credits to companies that are cronies, tax breaks to industries and corporations, that in turn use that enormous wealth to re-elect their leftist conspirators.

It doesn’t take all these leaders to actively work together to restore power- it’s just that they act in a similar fashion to achieve a common goal- power and wealth in the hands of the few, with control over the hands of the many. Laws are passed to restrict our markets and restore a modern day feudalism. By limiting the consumption of goods, you limit profits and you limit the free market.

The biggest enemy to the idea of nobility and control of power is the United States, who for years has amassed power and wealth in its free citizenry by thumbing its nose at the nobility, and by killing as many of the king’s deer as they could- and establishing the first true free republic in human history under the banner of capitalism.

I’m sure more than a few blue bloods are a wee bit upset at that- that 1500 years of power and rule came to a screeching stop with the advent of free markets.

The leftists believe, like most of Europe and some of Asia, that America is somehow evil for making the most of her vast natural resources, and allowing individuals to have the highest standard of living in the world, while limiting the power of its leaders. Shameful aren’t we? Shameful that America produces 90% of the world’s wealth without so much as a good whipping or a month in the dungeon to build character.

That’s what these geniuses will send us back to if they have their way. Exploding our debt while increasing our energy costs, limiting personal wealth, and limiting personal freedoms will certainly go a long way to keeping the American people in line though won’t it?

It’s about power and control, and it is not about our health, or about being good for the environment. Every time we pass a law putting more rules and restrictions on the free marketplace in the form of licenses, fees, and limits, we destroy our freedom more and more.

Free markets are the enemy of tyranny.


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