Published On: Fri, Mar 29th, 2013

America Has Laissez-Faire Leadership, Not Economics

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If you read about the great civilizations throughout history such as the Romans, the Greeks, the British Empire, you will notice something that preceded the downfall in all of them. They all saw the fabric of society starting to decay. Ideals such as moral values, honor, self-reliance, and personal accountability all faded. These principles were replaced by laissez-faire leadership, where anything went and dependence was rampant. One thing has stayed constant throughout time – human beings.

We are destined to make the same types of mistakes over and over again, unless we truly learn, and are humble enough to admit that we need to heed the lessons taught to us throughout time. That being said, we are starting to see the same types of signs of decay in our society, and it seems to be getting worse, not better.

spiritual pvertyThe first story we want to highlight, is that of a Florida Atlantic University professor’s demand of his students. The professor, in some weird twist of logic, asked his students to write “Jesus” on a piece of paper, then throw it on the floor, and stomp on it. The first question is: “What on earth does that have to do with an intercultural communications class (the class the professor was teaching)?

The second and more important question is: “What would have happened had the professor asked the students to do the same thing, but change the name to Mohammed?” We think you know. Remember, according to our President, Susan Rice, etc., our Ambassador was killed because of some video that was supposedly on YouTube. We can’t “offend” Muslims, right? But Jesus…screw Jesus.

Now, here comes the kicker. Predictably, no action was taken against the professor by the school but, the one student who did stand up to him and say they would not do the professor’s little exercise, WAS SUSPENDED. Seriously? This is where we are going with society? Read Full Story Here

Next, in our lineup, we have a wonderful story of collectivism from the Massachusetts school system. It seems, in the interest of “fairness,” the principal of a school has called off Honors Night because according to him, it can be “devastating” to students who missed the mark.

Hey, welcome to the real world, Jack. No matter how much you try to coddle people, there will always be winners and losers. The kids are keeping score on their own. They know. You are not helping, but hurting, these children by doing this. Collectivism doesn’t work, it never has. Trying to make everyone be the same doesn’t work, because people are inherently different and always will be.

This type of attitude, trying to make everyone the same, is one of the critical factors of decay in our society. It causes many of our issues, and dependence of citizens on things like government. It keeps them down. We hear people say things like, “this is America, the greatest country on earth, we have to care for everyone and give them things like healthcare, a job, etc.”

Here’s the problem with this line of thinking. The U.S. did not become the greatest country on earth by being a quasi-socialist, cradle to grave society. It fact, the U.S. grew to become the greatest county in the world by doing the exact opposite. By allowing people to win and lose. By allowing people to take risks. By allowing people to strive for “their pursuit of happiness.”

Read Full Story Here

We could not discuss societal decay without a discussion of “Sex Week” on the University of Tennessee campus.

Have you noticed that almost all of these examples are from our school systems? That should be telling you something.

moral-deteriorationStudents are very upset that U of T has pulled “some” of the funding for Sex Week on campus. That is right – the school is still funding a portion of it. Your tuition dollars hard at work. What a wonderful week it will be. Topics include, “How Many Licks Does it Take,” a “Golden Condom Scavenger Hunt, a “Drag Show,” and much, much more. Isn’t this exactly what you send your son or daughter to college for? Read Full Story Here

Lastly, and most disturbing, we have a very sad story from Brunswick, GA., where a woman was taking a leisurely stroll with her 13 month old. Two teenagers came up to her to rob her at gunpoint. She didn’t have any money, so they shot her 13 month old in the face, killing the child, and shot the woman in the leg.

We do not need to say much more. Read Full Story Here

These are types of things that happen when a society begins to decay and lose its values. These are the types of things that come from laissez-faire leadership on all levels. In the absence of a leader, or worse, leaders that foster a laissez-faire environment, in which anything goes and accountability does not exist, you get degradation.

We ask everyone reading this to do their part and strive to lead at a higher level for all those around you. We are all in a place of leadership in some way or another, and we must never forget that.

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