Published On: Sun, Apr 21st, 2013

New Details Hype Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theory

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Okay, let’s just dive right off into the deep end of the pool, shall we? It could be fun, or we could find ourselves sinking with no visible means of saving ourselves. We’ll just have to risk it – just this once – and take a look at the latest Glenn Beck conspiracy theory in context of new details developing.

Glenn Beck Conspiracy Previously, I posted an article here on The Brenner Brief highlighting a brief history of Chechnya and it resolve to get out from under Russia’s rule. Problems between the two countries have existed for centuries and in the 1990s, there were several direct conflicts. Since that time, Chechnya has become overrun by Islamic extremists who have radicalized many there.

We also learned from that previous article that Chechnya may have some anger due to the fact that when they were taking on Russia, the West (including the United States) did essentially nothing more than verbally complain of Russia’s heavy hand. That may have been part of the reason that two Chechen brothers – who also happened to be radicalized Islamists – set off bombs during the Boston Marathon; but at this point, it’s difficult to know for certain.

But almost as an aside, there are several things out-of-place that need explanation. First, there is the problem of a Saudi national, who was originally questioned, but released. He is originally said to not have anything to do with the Boston bombing, yet he is scheduled for deportation this coming Tuesday. Now we learn that he is linked to the Boston bombing, but is still going to be deported. As Glenn Beck asks, shouldn’t he face prosecution in America? Is it standard to deport someone who is said to be linked to a terrorist act?

But there is another facet to this scenario as well. Apparently, Obama met with Russian President Putin. More than that, Obama actually thanked Putin for “unspecified cooperation in the investigation into the Boston Marathon bombings.” Excuse me? Obama thanked Putin for the help he apparently provided with respect to the Boston Marathon bombings? In what way?  Of course, the man who promised to head up the most transparent administration bar none is simply not saying. I guess he feels that it’s none of our business.

Add to this the fact that Glenn Beck has essentially given the Obama administration until Monday to come clean about Abdul Rahman Ali Al Harby as well as the Saudi national and there appears to be something going on that is beyond our ability to see. Is something being hidden from our eyes?  Is there a cover-up?

Frankly, I hate conspiracy theories. I don’t want to believe in them. I tend to be a “give me the facts and just the facts” kind of person. However, with the current administration, we know that they have ventured into cover-up areas like “Fast and Furious,” which was, at its root, intended to be a situation that would call for more gun control. We also know that we have not heard the last word on Benghazi either and where might the truth take us there?

Yes, I realize that for every event, there are people who believe that some type of conspiracy was involved.  The problem in this particular situation (Boston bombing), there are some serious anomalies that should not exist, but they do. When asked why the Saudi national was being deported, Janet Napolitano said she would not dignify that question with an answer. Oh really? The question deserves an answer and I’d be willing to bet it has something to do with a great deal of money at the very least. Her response is more of a non-denial denial. She is trying to sound as if the question itself is so ridiculous that it needs no answer. On the contrary, there is no reason why the question should not be answered.

Beyond this and according to Glenn Beck, the Saudi national actually received an apology from our government (as reported in the foreign news). Again, really? Why is our government apologizing to a Saudi national who is slated to be deported and allegedly has some connection the recent bombings in Boston?

Second, what should we know about Abdul Rahman Ali Al Harby? Glenn Beck tells us he has heard from six Congressman and they want the information they have given him out there.

Lastly, what does Putin have to do with the American investigation into the Boston bombing? Does it have anything at all to do with the ongoing conflict between Russia and Chechnya? The American people deserve to know and we will only get to those answers if we push for them.

There are way too many people in America who are simply coasting along. They seem to have no clue or concern for what our government does. Granted, there are also people who seem to constantly going overboard on everything our government does.

We need answers. We deserve answers. We must push for them.

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