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Video of “Raped in Dubai”: Women’s Rights under Sharia Law

raped in dubai

You’re a young, attractive woman working in Dubai and one evening, your drink is spiked, you are taken to your room and savagely raped by several male coworkers. What do you do? Australian Alica Gali found out the hard way.

Under Sharia law, if a woman is raped, then proof must come from the rapist admitting it or she must have four male witnesses that will corroborate her claim. In what universe is a rapist going to admit that he raped someone? Moreover, where are you going to find four men who saw the rape and would be willing to testify against another man (the rapist)? This is Sharia law.

But this is not the worst of it. Because the rapists would not admit they raped Alicia and she was unable to find four male witnesses to corroborate her story, she was put in jailed. Why? It’s because under Sharia law, she admitted she had sex outside of marriage by claiming she had been raped.

In three short months, she had gone from a hotel manager of a luxury hotel in Dubai to a disgusting cell with 30 other women two hours outside away, all because she had been the victim of a violent crime. It all unfolded one evening while she sat using her laptop in the staff bar of a hotel. Her drink had been spiked and before she knew what had happened, “she had been savagely raped by three of her colleagues.”

Alicia woke the next afternoon in her room at 4:30 nearly fully naked (her bra hanging off). She was in pain from four broken ribs and many bruises. During the night, screams were heard from Alicia’s room and when security arrived, they found Alicia unconscious surrounded by three nude men. Security did nothing. After the attack, she told her hotel manager and was warned that because she had been drinking, that might cause problems with police.

Alicia contacted the Australian consulate, who ultimately gave her no help at all. She was neglected from one person to the next. No one was willing to help her and her passport was being held by her employer.

Unable to deal with the pain, Alicia finally took herself to Dibba Hospital for care. Even though she was told that she would not have problems with authorities because she was Christian, not Muslim, she found trouble.  After going to the police, she wound up unknowingly signing a document that admitted her “guilt.” Alicia’s “trial” lasted roughly 30 minutes. She was not represented by an attorney and her rape claim admitted she had sex outside of marriage.

Alicia was originally sentenced to 11 months in jail, 10 months for sex outside of marriage and one month for drinking alcohol. Two of her rapists received the same sentence and a third received one month more.

The problem here is that Alicia should not have received any jail time. She was guilty of nothing. As she was being led away to jail, it was made clear to her that as a Christian, she had absolutely no rights in Dubai. Sharia law had spoken and showed no mercy, even punishing an innocent person.

Though Dubai pretends to embrace the western lifestyle, it does so only outwardly. It only appears to be progressive and forward-thinking, but in truth, it is no different from any other society steeped in Sharia law.  Neither truth, justice, nor mercy are not part of the framework of Sharia law. It is backwards thinking, repressive, and regressive.

In America, groups like CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) are working overtime to change laws in America to Sharia by bringing one lawsuit after another to our courts. We now have several supreme court justices (Kagen and Sotomayer) who are known to be in favor of using international law as opposed to Constitutional law in America’s courtrooms in certain situations.

Radical Muslims believe that because they are Muslim, they are judged by no one. The bow only to Sharia law and reject America’s laws.

America has been under attack from within for decades by various groups and ideologies. With a growing community of Muslims here in the United States, we can assume that radical Muslims are included. Though we obviously cannot prejudge and discount all Muslims because of the radical element, we must be wary of those who want to change American laws to serve their purposes.

In countries where Sharia law is the rule of law, it is against that law to hold hands with a member of the opposite sex in public. Even kissing on the cheek is forbidden. Alcohol is prohibited, yet officials will often ignore it because of the money they make from the sale of it. Sex outside of marriage (including when raped) if completely forbidden. These things are punishable by incarceration.

One can only wonder how long before the United States – like numerous European countries – will rise up to say “enough!” against the radical Islamic onslaught. For now, it appears that as long as Muslims are seen as “victims,” too many on the left are willing to turn a blind eye to terrible atrocities committed by radical Muslims that are now starting to happen even here, in the United States (honor killings, etc.).

It needs to stop. We can no longer turn a blind eye to radical Islam. To do so means to fall under Sharia law because that’s their intended goal.

Raped In Dubai Part 1

Raped In Dubai Part 2

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