Published On: Fri, Aug 16th, 2013

The GOP Demise: Two-and-a-Half Years Early To The Funeral Pyre

Everyone loves a eulogy, an agglomeration of half-truths to make the family feel better about the dear departed. In this case the GOP demise is the subject. And the exercise is best when chuckled over at the wake due to the pure manufacture of events.

defeat_gopImagine the chortling of religiously devoted readers of POLITICO’s Allen and Vanderhei as they inhale the vapors of such glorious words as “moribund, disaster, and submission.” All while assimilating the sonorous pinings of such eloquent minds, as they limn the current condition of the Republican party. The potential GOP demise. Create in the mind’s eye how awful they feel at the recognition of the undeserved decline of POLITICO darlings of despicability, Rubio, Boehner, Cruz…especially when the body is not yet on life support.

The column carefully repeats general talking head wisdom of the DC vox populi, raising issues that are nothing more than repetitive points flowing directly from White House stationery, that bases on old racial stereotypes played upon by Democrats of the eighties….some thirty years past. The essay is a fabrication of myths and a collection of misinformation, normal fare for Beltway prisoners.

These two “journalism school graduates” congratulate themselves on their attention to former leader, Michael Steele, and his separation from his post at the RNC. Most especially, they saw fit to match their total misinterpretation of the Trayvon Martin debacle with a Steele quote that said Republicans were tone-deaf to the situation.


Perhaps the two essayists were too busy constructing a narrative to hear anything over the Sharpton, Jackson clamor to note the Republican commentary. Above all the MSM noise, there were on-the-ground GOP folks who were very concerned and sought truth from day one.

In the very next subset of paragraphs, these two scribes tiptoe into gay marriage currency, and the very best they can quote is some “unnamed Romney campaign official” who describe themselves as “We come off like we’re angry and frustrated that more of our fellow Americans aren’t angry and frustrated.” Apparently, citing campaign losers is the order of the day on an inconsequential issue that affects less than 3% of the population.

How these supposed writers insert a swing voter concern between the gay issue, and both black and Latin voter-ship is a bit jarring. One is supposed to be an editor, and it appears the other is so enamored with the DC social scene that in their zeal to pronounce the complete GOP demise, neither proofed the product.

Never mind (Roseanne Roseannadanna noted. She has passed away, by the by).

The intrepid pair slog on to the take on Hispanics, and it is doubtful either one has spent more than a twenty-minute screen shot with a Latin, and less than a minute in a real barrio. Virginia and Orange County, DC are as remote from legal variety Hispanics on the street as the Giant Red Spot (look it up). The commentary, once more, is the usual lexicon that casts the opposition as insensitive swine, who equate all Romance language speakers with the vermin who use the border as a superhighway for contraband.

Here, I take personal umbrage because I (a conservative Republican) have lived, worked, and enjoyed close relationships with legal AND illegal aliens, and have striven mightily against the mindless arguments of the other side. Having dwelt and worked on the border most of my life, I have witnessed, first hand, the problems. Border control so concerns me that I wrote a fictional, but informed account of what I believe will or may have already occurred. I’m told it is too plausible to be dismissed.

At length, the POLITICO ventures lamely into yet another iteration of the effect of the Martin case, more from Michael Steele (wasn’t anyone else available?) And, without doubt, the journalists repeat more gloom and doom over the body like proverbial “sin eaters” of the past.

POLITICO has lapsed into decades old dirges that are continuously sung by propagandists rather than detectives who, like Maigret, watch, think, and discover. Neither man is out amongst the savages where paradigm shift begins. And perforce, the shift has begun.

In new research, black businessmen and women recognize the risks they face under a continuing policy and stringent regulation. They are on the move away from the date with whom they came. Black unemployment is at numbers unseen since the sixties, especially youth. They see a deteriorating market that will starve business ergo employment, but feed a paltry mix of government dependency, and rampaging drug business.

No one turns on blacks as quickly as other blacks when an entire group senses dishonesty, and indications are that the seeds of disappointment have been sewn in fertile soil. These are sensible people who understand the value of jobs, family, and community.

Latins are far less charitable when their families are threatened. If convinced of a better way, our Hispanic brothers are quick to recognize opportunity. It is why they came here in the first place, and they sense exploitation because they’ve experienced it many times, used by the very ones who now extol the virtue of amnesty. Latins own a natural distrust for power. “Son mentirosos, los politicos,” seems an apt phrase here.

As to GOP leadership today?

An unannounced, unheralded few rumble out there in the hinterlands. Government of the past, while remembered fondly, is over, and the ground troop Republicans know it. Not only do they understand the charade of DC play, the groundlings wait for the proper moment and message. The old ideas cannot cut it anymore.

While Republicans carry a reverie for past glories, they are not gulled into reliving them. The opposition relays a Bill Murray movie and hopes nobody notices.

Allen and Vanderhei have been stuck in old cinema, believing the flashing images of Bogart movies reality. The hacks don’t always tell the truth.

The Republican Party is in labor. Birth pangs can be hard, but delivery is wonderful, personal, and lasting. New. We are thinking about things. They….(sigh) keep writing obituaries, looking forward to the wake. So perhaps the GOP demise is premature.

Allen and Vanderhai have simply got to get out more.

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- Lee Dodson is a retired contractor in California who sidelines as a writer. He's published two books (Infiltration, This Never Happened) with another (Daylight Raid) due out shortly. He has attained some prominence in news circles as a "terrorism writer" with his books and his Homeland Terrorism Survey that gleaned 100,000,000+ responses.He owns contractorside.com and skoshitiger.com websites. A cowboy at heart, Dodson, grew up in the southwest.

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Lee Dodson
Lee Dodson is a retired contractor in California who sidelines as a writer. He's published two books (Infiltration, This Never Happened) with another (Daylight Raid) due out shortly. He has attained some prominence in news circles as a "terrorism ... Read the full profile...