Published On: Fri, Aug 16th, 2013

Wendy Davis Vogue Fall Fashion Model And Toxic Feminism

What twisted perversion to have a Wendy Davis Vogue spread for the September issue. In the issue titled The Fall Fashion Blockbuster, the late-term abortion advocate will be celebrated for her role in the manufactured war on women. And for her role as a militant feminist.

Wendy-DavisjpgTexas state Senator Wendy Davis has officially become a leftist icon. There is no question that Davis is a physically attractive woman, especially for a politician. But now her initiation into the Hollywood club of feminists is official with the Wendy Davis Vogue spread. And with this, our culture continues to sink to such depths of depravity that recovery is not possible.

Women like Wendy Davis should be maligned, not revered. But with all the hoopla surrounding Davis’s 12 hour filibuster aimed at blocking an anti-abortion bill, which eventually passed, Davis suddenly was elevated to hero status. She became an instant celebrity, a champion for “women’s rights.”

In the eyes of the Left, she had the guts to stand up to all those who want to bring women down, to make them prisoners in their own bodies. Women shouldn’t be forced to have a baby if they don’t want one. It’s not murder since it’s just a “clump of cells.”

Is a Wendy Davis Vogue spread shocking? In and of itself, no it isn’t. Vogue is always pressing the limits of decency, as are other magazines. But this is more nuanced. What Vogue is doing is throwing a Carolina Herrera gown on a woman who advocates death.

They’re deliberately glamorizing Davis, and a host of other women like her, who are perpetuating the myth of a “war on women.” It’s like wrapping a nuclear warhead in a Christmas package. It looks neat and pretty on the outside, but on the inside there is a lethal device. But to the average reader of Vogue, who is most assuredly a woman, Davis will look glamorous and sexy. And with that, what she advocates, abortion on demand and free birth control, will also look sexy. And to the untrained and undiscerning eyes, what she is selling will look sexy.

Satan is a beautiful being, not the evil monster with horns he is attributed to. Vogue is selling sin, marketing the very evil that Satan is working so hard to make the world embrace. And it’s working, like the serpent worked on Eve in the Garden of Eden. Vogue is merely titillating the eyes.

They are marketing the absurd “war on women,” and the idea of abortion on demand and free birth control as unalienable rights. Something that all women should have without restraints. And they are making women like Davis look accessible, hip, and chic. She is every woman, just conveniently airbrushed. She’s real and not an enigma. So therefore the fake “war” becomes real. Because they will see themselves in Davis. This is where it gets scary.

Wendy is the kind of woman that my mother was always nurturing, and nothing would have made her more proud than to see Wendy lead Texas,” says Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, daughter of the late Ann Richards—the last woman and the last Democrat to hold the Texas governor’s seat.

A nice subtle reference from Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards should send shivers down the spine of an informed reader, not to mention the fact she the daughter of the late Ann Richards. That in itself is frightening. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the nation and the most dangerous. But in this frothy piece, Davis looks like a trailblazer, a crusader. She is simply trying to help protect women from outsider control.

What nonsense, complete rubbish. The “war on women” scare tactics took on a new meaning during the last election cycle. Hollywood feminists came out of the wood work to convince women that Republicans want to get rid abortion and birth control. Lena Dunham even went so far as to compare her voting experience to her first sexual experience. The commercial was repulsive and revolting. But it worked.

Vogue and other publications are not done selling the “war on women.” Featuring Wendy Davis in designer clothing only will only make this fictitious war look real. And in trying to make it look sexy, marketers are also feeding a reader’s senses. The senses that do not equate with truth, but with provocation and physicality. What is appealing to the eye is visually stimulating. And this is what the master of deception, Satan himself, wants.

Lethal feminism is convincing women that they have complete autonomy of their bodies. Feminists also want women to believe that they are empowered sexual beings and should be free of societal constraints. They should be men. This isn’t true at all, since men do not get a free pass, but feminists want women to think this. It all revolves around biology and that women are the ones who get “punished” sexually with babies.

How selfish can one be? No one has autonomy over their bodies, complete individual control. If our society functioned like this, we would have no laws, no rules. But this is what the Left wants. No restraints. And in selling the ideals of Wendy Davis, Vogue is selling the idea that “self” is the most important thing of all. What monsters people become when their desires and lusts go unchecked.







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  1. Fred DeRuvo Fred DeRuvo says:

    Good ol’ Wendy Davis. It looks like the Dems are starting to push attractive women into the spotlight to push their garbage. Thanks for the article, Janna.

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