Published On: Thu, Aug 29th, 2013

Shocking Mona Nelson Trial And The Complete Failure Of The Media

The MSM is a disaster of epic proportions. The Mona Nelson trial should have made national headlines, but strangely enough, the media coverage was nonexistent. Could it be that this is due to racial elements of the trial?

tttnelsonmona325The Mona Nelson trial should have been a national news story. But sadly, it got little mention. Mona Nelson is guilty of torturing a child with a blowtorch before dumping his body in a ditch in Northeast Houston. The victim, Jonathan Foster, was 12 years old. And the crime occurred on Christmas Eve 2010.

But why the lack of coverage? Anytime a child is tortured at the hands of an adult it should make the national news. Where’s the outcry, or in this case, a whimper? Just silence. Is it because Nelson is black and the victim is white? Obviously. Otherwise a torture case like this would be a top story.

Now, deliberations are over in this case and Nelson has been found guilty of the crime of murder. This is a non-death penalty case. Mona Nelson was sentenced to life in prison. But she didn’t have to face a jury, just a judge.

After two weeks of testimony, the case against Nelson was solid. In spite of some evidence that possibly implicated Jonathan Foster’s stepfather, there were many undeniable facts that anyone involved in the Mona Nelson trial could not dispute.

DNA evidence is undeniable. Foster had Nelson’s DNA all over the Looney Tunes sweatshirt that he was found wearing when his body was recovered.  All told there is, “enough to convict,” according to a legal analyst. Katie McCall of the local ABC affiliate reported yesterday that “an FBI scientist said he found Nelson’s blood and DNA on several areas” of the sweatshirt.

Blood and DNA evidence are impossible to ignore. And the fact that a blowtorch was used to burn the young victim to death should be enough to have this story plastered on every news outlet in the country.

Again, as is evidenced in nearly every trial where the defendant is black and the victim is white, there is the “unmentionable” issue of race. Was this a hate crime? No question, based on the evidence. But that argument will never be made. It is important to remember that Nelson did not face a trial by jury.

Some of Nelson’s most vocal supporters were members of the New Black Panther Party in Houston, led by racial activist Quanell X. So only someone who has put their head in the sand completely would deny the racial elements involved in this case. This would be the media. They have collectively put their heads in the sand when the issue is race and interracial crime. But they would be all over this is if the victim was black. This would be Houston’s Trayvon Martin case.

The person who has suffered the most is Jonathan Foster’s mother, Angela Davis. In her testimony, she recounted how she returned a strange call on Christmas Eve 2010 when she was at work. It was Nelson calling.

She testified, saying “…a strange woman answered. She could hear her son in the background and then the line went dead.” Davis testified that when she arrived home, nobody was there. She said, “I ran up and down the street banging on doors, standing in the parking lot, hollering my son’s name.”

Jonathan was gone. Vanished. His charred, burned body was dumped on the side of the road that night. All signs indicated that Jonathan was burned alive. The autopsy showed no other signs of trauma. But there was no outcry, except from the poor child’s mother. No picketing, no protesting.

A neighbor, Cynthia Cisneros, recounted that Nelson was at the house that night during the search. “Yeah, she was just sitting there, looking at what was going on.” Cisneros wrote that, “the horrible details were too much for several detectives who struggled to keep from crying.”

No motive was ever identified in this case. But there is NO question that if the races were reversed, people would be outraged. With surveillance showing video footage that it was clearly Nelson dumping the body, the proof of her guilt was irrefutable. Thank goodness she was found guilty. But in spite of the verdict, there is no true justice for Jonathan Foster.


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