Published On: Fri, Aug 30th, 2013

Is Rush Limbaugh Right About Conservatives Being Absent In Pop Culture?

Rush Limbaugh made the bold assertion that conservatives are absent in pop culture. Is he wrong about this? From the outside looking in, it would appear that there is some conservative influence in pop culture. But, Rush Limbaugh is right.

LimbaughConservatives are bemoaning their absence in popular culture. And rightfully so, because in looking at the broad spectrum, there is little conservative influence in pop culture. What dominates pop culture? Fiction, movies, and television, with the exception being reality juggernauts like “Duck Dynasty.” And one could also make the case for the wildly successful miniseries “The Bible” as proof that there is a conservative influence in pop culture.

But Limbaugh has a strong point. “The Bible” miniseries is non-fiction. And in this area, conservatives dominate. We always have.

He says, ”We’re nowhere in the pop culture. We are nowhere in movies. We’re nowhere in television shows.  We are nowhere in music. Nowhere!”

Really consider what he’s saying. Who creates popular television shows with wild plot twists and “hip” characters? Liberal writers and producers. Would anyone consider the creators of “Modern Family” to be conservative? Hardly. Or anything created by Ryan Murphy? He usually juggles at least 2 or 3 television shows per season. And not one of them has anything but a progressive liberal bent.

Rush Limbaugh is absolutely right about liberal domination of pop culture. But what is interesting, and telling, is that “Duck Dynasty” averages more viewers than all but the top three television sitcoms.

It’s confounding and perplexing because there clearly is a hunger for conservative television. But again, writers and show creators have the edge. If conservatives could turn out interesting fiction material, via television scripts and movie scripts, this might change. But there’s a catch.

He says, “On the fiction side of books, we’re nowhere, in terms of what conservatism is, being cool and plot lines and that kind of thing. We’re not in the classroom, we’re not in academia..Those are very crucial because they get people when they’re young, young skulls full of mush. They get to make and form those brains and basically propagandize them and indoctrinate them however they wish.”

And it is with this assertion that Rush Limbaugh makes his strongest point. Conservatives are not in academia, molding young minds. Liberals are indoctrinating the youth of America. And many of these youth go on to find a place in popular culture. It’s not a winnable war.

Progressive leftists have subtly and with ease created characters that are “cool” and “hip.” For instance, Aaron Sorkin defiled an entire Conservative news organization, WorldNetDaily, on his television show “The Newsroom,” in an attempt to make right wingers look like fools. Lee Daniel’s The Butler rewrote history to make it appear the President Ronald Reagan had a dismal race record. Conservatives are forever being painted as bigots, homophobes, and hypocrites. And there are too many examples to begin to list. This would make a good novel though.

But is this something to get upset about? No. This is to be expected. But it is interesting that in spite of little conservative representation in pop culture, that conservatives are the ones who dominate talk radio, news programs, and sales of non-fiction books. But yet conservatives lose at the voting booths.

Popular culture is a leftist’s domain. And with the continual dumbing down of American young people, this isn’t likely to change. The liberal message that conservatives are uncool continues to permeate the popular culture landscape. But better to be uncool than to be enslaved by most of the rot that pop culture has to offer. At least we have “Duck Dynasty.” The liberals can take Miley Cyrus and “twerking.”






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Janna Brock

- Pop Culture Page Editor. I am a Christian and a staunch conservative. I am very interested in civil liberties and also arts and entertainment from a conservative point of view. I am interested in a wide variety of topics that have to do with the liberal war against conservatives on all fronts. I love entertainment and pop culture, especially television. But I'm always watching as a conservative and continually follow the trends of entertainment culture, as they stray away from traditional values.

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  1. rosemyrtle says:

    dont know about conservative or liberalism or capitailism or whatever, ti is all greek to me, but I do see the results of gov and corp control of media, radio, tv, schools and lawmaking that is based on end justifies the means not what is right or wrong. I see the oppression they perpetuate on people in the name of enviorment or whatever issue they use to justify robbing people of their rightful property or rights, okay if you outlaw rights and turn them into priveleges then all you have done is destroyed rights and all you are left with are wrongs. if it is wrong then it is wicked to call it right, Jehovah warns us about doing such a thing, he has destroyed whole nations for doing the same thing, tho he is patient his patience has an end. remember the purpose for his long suffering is to give people time to repent, and to help the honest hearted ones to get on the right path once that is accomplished and no more willing souls wish ot change then judgement is carried out like the global flood, sodom and gomorroh and the nation of isreal several times. He cannot tolerate injustices and corruption once hope of reform is past, it brings reproach on him, and is not just to allow those who love his laws to be trampled on forever. hence the need to get on this narrow road Jesus spoke about. should he not cause justice to be done for those who cry to him for punishment of those who oppress them? should he not intervene to end the poverty the wars and the misery man has caused? if you could would you intervene and end these things? then why do people think the creator of all life wouldn’t do the same thing in his own due time?

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Janna Brock
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