Published On: Sat, Aug 31st, 2013

The Problem With The Law Is Lawyers

A nation of laws can’t afford a nation of lawyers. Sounds kind of like a contradiction in terms, of course it isn’t. The vision of laws as set forth in the Constitution in no way relates to the system we see today. That of the opinion of law, that which the politicos and legal system is so fond of wallowing in.

lawyers_643075There are very few in the political or legal system that chooses to recognize that it is their own actions and fallibility that has resulted in the great consternation of the people. When it comes to honesty and ethics, 86% of the people believe these two groups have none, according to a Gallup poll.

Only 25 percent of Americans have a positive view of the legal field, according to a new Gallup survey. Only three industries got lower ratings—real estate, automobiles, and oil and gas. Bankers bested lawyers by three percentage points.

That means that 14% believe they do, which interestingly enough is about the number one comes up with when adding up the politicians, judges, lawyers, financiers, and bureaucrats.

The law as envisioned was not laid out to dispense justice. It was laid out to dispense equality. And justice is supposed to come from the greater society for abusing somebody’s right under the law. For example, the elitist in government who refuses to uphold the law as prescribed, even though they took an oath, and stated they were taking the oath freely. And without mental reservation or purpose of evasion. Hitting close to home?

This opinion law violates the law of equality of every citizen on a daily basis, yet our elected representatives, that are supposed to be the gatekeepers of our republic, have turned into jellyfish that refuse to sting. Just goes to show that the legal system has already collapsed, and the only thing holding it together is the thread of hope of the people that somehow our ship of state can avoid the iceberg that is dead ahead and getting ever closer.

The founders provided for the solutions under the rule of law, not opinion of law, in order for the people of the states to make corrections to an out of control federal government.

There are two ways for the people to handle this effort, the first is how the founders would prefer, Article V of the Constitution. The second is like the aftermath of running into that iceberg. The law applies to all citizens equally or it equally applies to no one. The rule of law can have no exceptions for it is absolute, and the opinion of law can have no absolute for it is only opinion.

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