Published On: Sat, Sep 7th, 2013

Obama is killing jobs and the US economy


Barack Obama is killing jobs and the US economy. This month’s employment numbers confirmed it once again! The world’s most vibrant growth engine is lying on its deathbed, paralyzed and bleeding out from the many wounds inflicted by its inept, misguided president, Barack Obama, and his policies.


While Obama puzzles over how (or if) to meddle in Syria’s civil war, Americans are giving up looking for jobs and leaving the workforce in record numbers. Workforce participation is at its lowest level since 1978. Not only is Obama a failure as a leader, abdicating every important decision, to avoid blame for mistakes and failures, he doesn’t know what to do about the problems he has created.


The recent jobs report  once again showed that the economic recovery is the weakest since WWII, from a job creation standpoint. The August report of 169,000 new jobs was close to expectations, but the staggering downward adjustments, -74,000 for the prior two months, made the past quarter the weakest in 12 months. This is in stark contrast to optimism about recent upticks in manufacturing.


Worse yet, most of the jobs being created are not the ones that can drive economic growth and consumer spending. The strength of auto sales led to 19,000 new auto jobs, but about half of the jobs added in August were in retail, hospitality, restaurants/bars, or part time—all lower wage sectors.  This is also part of the economy that has reduced many full-time workers to 29-hour work weeks to avoid the economic pain of Obamacare.  The result: statistically more jobs, but lower pay and fewer hours, which damages the economy and hurts working Americans.  These 29-hour workers must find new second jobs, just to maintain their income.


These results show the abject failure of Barack Obama and his administration in creating an environment for economic growth in the private sector. Obama fails because he doesn’t understand (or accept) what to do to get the US economy moving again, and he can’t (or won’t admit) failure and change course.


Effective leaders must be accountable for their failures, and cannot constantly blame someone else.  Case in point: For Obama’s first 2-1/2 years, everything was Bush’s fault. Then it was the American people who don’t “get it,” or businesses that were “holding back hiring or investment.” Business leaders are admittedly hesitant to hire people, because they simply don’t know what the Obama administration will do next to make their life more difficult, drive down demand, or make their business less profitable.


Now Obama has found the perfect scapegoat: the Republican controlled House, which (rightfully, in most cases) blocked, impeded, or opposed his every action.  Obama’s proposed “jobs” actions were superficial trade offs to raise more taxes, and were unlikely to be effective at creating more jobs—except in the government bureaucracy—which is too large already.  There have also been unexpected (or unintended) adverse consequences of Obama’s policies that are just now coming to light. (Re: Obamacare, and many other regulatory mandates.)


Part of the opposition of GOP members of the House is ideological.  They truly believe (know) that most of Obama’s agenda is wrong.  A larger part of the animosity is the GOP House members’ reaction to the disdain and open contempt that Barack Obama has shown for them and their proposals.  Most Obama proposals have been put to the House with only two “ways” to go: “his way or the highway!”


Whatever Obama agency was involved, its actions (and Obama’s direction) has clearly been anti-business, and frankly, anti-economic growth; a partial list includes the EPA, NLRB, HHS, NRC, IRS, and the ever-litigious Eric Holder’s Justice Department.  Each has launched a deluge of regulations, rulings, and new policies, all of which hinder or harm businesses and kill economic growth.  If those didn’t do it quickly enough, government deficit spending continues to crowd out private capital.


The Federal government creates NO wealth. Zero! None! Nada! Government can only take wealth created by the private sector, and redistribute it, wasting part of it on bureaucratic agencies, which further stifle economic growth.  Obama pledged to fundamentally change America, as one of his campaign promises.  He is definitely doing that.


Barack Obama’s administration has overseen he creation of the largest job-less welfare state in the history of the world, along with massively underfunded entitlements (which he refuses to address) like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, and record spending on welfare in categories that barely, or never existed during the last half century.  Disability participation has exploded as jobs became harder to get and people left the workforce at record rates.  There are now more people on government disability support  in the USA than the population of Greece—8.8 million.


Nearly 50 million people are (or soon will be) on Food Stamps (SNAP). More people are on unemployment, for longer than ever before. $300 billion/year is spent on such programs as Housing Subsidies, Supplemental Security Income, Low-Income Tax Credit, Family Support, and Nutrition Programs creating a massive welfare-dependency culture. Today, there are more people collecting some form of government meal/food payments (104 million) than there are working in full-time jobs (97 million).  Given Obama’s failures in job creation and economic growth, this will continue to worsen.


Barack Obama is killing the US economy.  The jobs report continues to reflect that.  The most worrisome of all, is that In 3 more years, unless he is stopped or his course is changed, he may very well finish the job.


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John Mariotti

- John Mariotti is an Internationally recognized executive, author and speaker. In his corporate career, he was President of Huffy Bicycles, and Group President of Rubbermaid Office Products Group. He was also Chairman of World Kitchen, Inc., on whose board he still serves. Since founding The Enterprise Group in 1994, John has served on multiple corporate boards and advised many well-known companies. John has written 9 business books including The Power of Partnerships, his award winners: The Shape-Shifters and The Complexity Crisis, chosen one of the Best Business Books of 2008 and a Best Book for Small Business. Mariotti has written hundreds of articles, and has spoken to thousands of people in business and university audiences, in both the US and abroad. He also co-authored Hope Is NOT A Strategy: Leadership Lessons from the Obama Presidency with D. M. Lukas, released in 2012. His latest book, Roadmap To Profitable Growth was released in 2013. John currently writes a weekly blog, “Telling It Like It Is” and is a contributor to www.TheBrennerBrief.com. John holds a B. S. M. E., from Bradley University and an M. S. M. E. from the University of Wisconsin.

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John Mariotti
John Mariotti is an Internationally recognized executive, author and speaker. In his corporate career, he was President of Huffy Bicycles, and Group President of Rubbermaid Office Products Group. He was also Chairman of World Kitchen, Inc., on ... Read the full profile...