Published On: Tue, Sep 10th, 2013

A 9 11 Memorial Is No Substitute For Resolve (Part 2 of 3)

No 9 11 memorial is a suitable substitute for societal resolve. And that is one thing society is missing today, unlike after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

080904-N-5319A-008Bin Laden was dealt with some ten years after the planes struck the buildings and a grassy field to the south. The country recovered enough to spend its way into global oblivion. This minor inconvenience could be handled, but history has its methods of reminding about failings unless said shortcomings are corrected.

A scant eleven years after the 9/11 disaster, some nineteen years on the heels of the WTC garage bombing, a similar group surrounded a United States compound, and set it ablaze. They kidnapped and abused an ambassador, then unceremoniously murdered him, defiling his body in the streets.

Bear in mind that a United States Ambassador holds equal government rank as a four-star general who has the ear of his President, to say nothing of his personal relationship with a sitting Secretary of State. The affair has been relegated to the backwaters of obscurity, and the event is obscured by indignant replies of other things being more pressing now.

The American public, however, still bears a nagging sense that all three events, the WTC underground explosion, the 9/11/01 disaster, and the Benghazi instance, have never been accompanied with a sense of closure. A victory over this amorphous nemesis which demonstrates its effects in daily life.

In point of fact, those in power, beginning as far back as Bill Clinton, continuing through the Bush years, have systematically worked under the guise of sensitivity, to erase the fundamental importance of all three events from the national persona. Certainly, there is a memorial where Towers One and Two once stood, and the museum is purported to be a very accurate appraisal of the day. But when the exhibit finally opens for view, fully one-third of the population will only retain vague recollection of the vile narrative. They’re divorced from the reality, watching from the distance of twelve years.

These events were completely different from Pearl Harbor, which was viewed as an act of war. Today, authorities on both sides of the political spectrum fell victim to a politically correct ideology, that tacitly declared modern occurrences civil crimes, and behaved as if the psychology of the perpetrators merited equal understanding. Analysis even. It was the civilized, intelligent, and detached method by which to proceed. There was more discussion of healing than anything else.

Americans were instructed to remain calm, continue with life as before with the minor caveat that security would require cumbersome lifestyle modification, like airport inspection, travel restriction, and heavier law enforcement intrusion. It was a natural reaction of large government, and it was incumbent due to public demand. Again, the inclination to apply huge funding to a problem, the government modus operandi, appeared to be the answer.

With the insinuation of federal solutions, the matter slowly dissolved into murky memory, a thing of the past in less than a few years. Immediate family members were awarded reparations from the assaulted party, conversations in the hallowed halls centered on crime prevention, a war ensued, and political wrangling became the issues.

How different the 9/11 day became from Pearl Harbor. The Pacific attack was covered and re-covered weekly in newsreel accounts, radio stories until June 6, 1944. 9/11 atrocities such as real people jumping to their deaths rather than being burned alive in picture suddenly disappeared, within days of the disaster. It was considered too painful for the public to watch again, even once.

In a civilized country, there was no need of reminder, and even if there were a need, why lade the entire country with unnecessary sadness if the government was already in the business of justice?

Still, something was missing. To be continued in Part III…

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Lee Dodson

- Lee Dodson is a retired contractor in California who sidelines as a writer. He's published two books (Infiltration, This Never Happened) with another (Daylight Raid) due out shortly. He has attained some prominence in news circles as a "terrorism writer" with his books and his Homeland Terrorism Survey that gleaned 100,000,000+ responses.He owns contractorside.com and skoshitiger.com websites. A cowboy at heart, Dodson, grew up in the southwest.

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Lee Dodson
Lee Dodson is a retired contractor in California who sidelines as a writer. He's published two books (Infiltration, This Never Happened) with another (Daylight Raid) due out shortly. He has attained some prominence in news circles as a "terrorism ... Read the full profile...