Published On: Wed, Sep 11th, 2013

How America Suffers from Obama’s Failure

The fecklessness of President Barack Obama becomes more evident as each day passes. The Syria debacle is just the latest in a string of failures for one of the worst administrations in American history, and the people are paying the price.

Obama appeared on national television the night before the anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy to ask the American people to aid al-Qaeda by supporting a military strike against the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria. He claimed that Syria threatened U.S. national security by using chemical weapons, but then seconds later admitted that Syria poses no direct threat to the U.S. He had intended to argue the case for attacking Syria, but he ended up asking Congress to postpone a vote on whether to attack.

This confused speech coincided with deferring to Russia in brokering a deal with Syria, and together they are a microcosm of Obama’s ineffective leadership. And the result has been that nearly every aspect of American life and government has gotten worse. Foreign policy is incoherent, the economy continues to languish, Obamacare is a “train wreck” (in the words of one of the law’s architects), and civil liberties are under constant assault. Obama

The same president who wants to attack Syria has stalemated our troops in Afghanistan by approving a watered-down troop surge, then undermining the mission by announcing a troop withdrawal before the objectives were met. Obama has also greatly increased the number of Predator and drone attacks, despite arguments that these do U.S. interests more harm than good through civilian casualties.

Americans applauded Obama’s decision to execute Osama bin Laden, but most forgot that Obama had pledged to detain bin Laden, not kill him, if given the opportunity. Obama also authorized the execution of Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S. citizen, without due process of law guaranteed by the Constitution. This makes every American potentially vulnerable to execution by presidential decree.

With the U.S. already fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Obama extended the military even further by helping overthrow Libyan ruler Moammar Ghaddafi. But Obama didn’t act fast enough to prevent terrorists from attacking and killing four Americans in Benghazi last September 11, even when repeated requests for help were made. We still have no answers as to why the military was ordered to stand down while the attack occurred.

On the home front, Obama has incurred more debt than any other president in history. He has been so fiscally irresponsible that he is the only president to have never presented a budget that Congress has approved. The obvious result of massive spending and lack of budgeting–inflation–has begun in the form of rising food and energy prices.

More Americans are on food stamps and living in poverty than ever before. And as Obama consistently lectures Americans that they need to cut back and do more with less, he has enjoyed dozens of vacations and golf outings at taxpayer expense.

Obamacare is one of the greatest threats to individual liberty in our time, levying a punitive tax on any citizen who doesn’t purchase health insurance. Sure, more Americans will be insured than ever before, but there won’t be enough doctors to meet the demand. This will cause the same rationing that plagues all the other countries that have tried socialized medicine. Thanks to Obama, government bureaucrats will decide whether you receive health care, and this will reduce personal choices, health care accessibility, and freedom.

Despite his criticisms of George W. Bush’s disregard for civil liberties, Obama has been even worse in this department. Under Obama, the TSA routinely violates the Fourth Amendment by forcing Americans to undergo intense groping and seizures in airports. After railing against the Patriot Act, Obama approved an extension that allows for even more government surveillance than there was under Bush. Under Obama, the IRS targets groups because of their political beliefs, and the NSA spies on law-abiding citizens.

Obama also signed a bill into law that authorizes the military to indefinitely detain Americans suspected of terrorist activity. This makes all Americans vulnerable to military detention without habeas corpus or due process, violating the basic freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. America has never resembled a police state more than it now does under Barack Obama.

Unfortunately, these oppressive policies have failed to make America more secure, more prosperous, or more free. And the people will continue paying the price for Obama’s failures for many years to come.


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Walter Coffey

- Walter Coffey is a graduate Loyola University of Chicago. He has written several works of historical fiction and non-fiction, and his work has earned critical praise from the Readers' Favorite and ForeWord Reviews. His blog, "American History Uncut," examines history through the prism of less government and more liberty. Walter is a strong believer in free markets, fiscal responsibility, and personal accountability. He currently resides in Texas with his wife Gianna.

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Walter Coffey
Walter Coffey is a graduate Loyola University of Chicago. He has written several works of historical fiction and non-fiction, and his work has earned critical praise from the Readers' Favorite and ForeWord Reviews. His blog, "American History ... Read the full profile...