Published On: Mon, Sep 16th, 2013

Navy Shipyard Shooting Proves We’re Sitting Ducks

The Washington Navy Shipyard shooting this morning was predictable, and now, there will be much discussion as to how it happened. And there will be much hand wringing on gun control.

20130916_065717_washington-navy-yard_500But what few remember, going all the way back to the Ft. Hood massacre in 2009 in Texas, there has been nothing but gun control on homeland military installations, since Bill Clinton issued an executive order banning weapons some twenty years earlier.

Details of the shootings are still caught up in the “fog of war,” and today’s public already knows that the chronology will be “cleaned up” before facts ever see the light of day. The process of news revelation has become so politicized that it is impossible to know who, or what, to believe.

Washington, DC, is more less, if in name only, a “gun free zone.” Having a gun on one’s person, even a spent cartridge casing is now against the law. How important, how prescient. So much for “gun free.”

This shooting is the product of war, and the government leaders have failed to recognize what those of us in the “terrorism writing” field have written about for years. Whether performed by a United States citizen or not, these disasters are warfare, and it is imperative that proper recognition be made.

This attack will be used as yet another ploy in the advocacy of gun control, and it is simply pathetic. Government authority must see homeland terrorism through more than rose-colored glasses where everybody plays by the rules. The enemy does not adhere to any standard, and where borders are erased by a stroke on a keyboard, a short walk in the desert, or an expired student visa, it is essential that leaders assess correctly the danger, and react by relying on the good sense of American people.

The enemy uses political correctness against us, and they are effective.

Until we astutely define the true capability of the enemy and protect ourselves, we will see more of this. Using broad descriptions of terrible happenings does no one any favors. In fact, the practice weakens us.

Ho Chi Minh vowed he would defeat the United States on its own streets. In this case, it is not Ho, it is our own backward looking politicians who invite tragedy, and open doors to attacks such as the Washington Navy Shipyard shooting.

We need authorities who can examine such crimes, call them what they are, and react by relying on citizens.

One armed person, citizen, could have made a difference. We live in a world more dangerous because we have a government that gives more trust to potential threat than to the common person, who would risk everything to protect family and co-workers.

This wake up call should not be snooze alarmed. This is as real as it gets.


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Lee Dodson

- Lee Dodson is a retired contractor in California who sidelines as a writer. He's published two books (Infiltration, This Never Happened) with another (Daylight Raid) due out shortly. He has attained some prominence in news circles as a "terrorism writer" with his books and his Homeland Terrorism Survey that gleaned 100,000,000+ responses.He owns contractorside.com and skoshitiger.com websites. A cowboy at heart, Dodson, grew up in the southwest.

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  1. Fred DeRuvo Fred DeRuvo says:

    Good article, Lee. No matter how much gun control is created, guns will always be available for criminals and the lawless.

    • Lee Dodson Lee Dodson says:

      Thanks, Fred. I have always believed that terrorism depends on degree of fear. An armed citizen is less afraid. Indeed the criminals and lawless will always have access to weapons and this creates a degree of fear in the lawful, but the degree of fear abates when one is, at least, equipped to deal with the bad guys on a more or less equal footing.

      Americans gravitate toward a fair fight. An unarmed citizen is vulnerable to bad odds. Terrorists are bullies at heart, but if the possibility of armed resistance is there, the perp thinks twice. He may ignore his risk, but the second a confrontation begins, his risk goes up exponentially.

      The mere possibility of facing equal or superior force is a fundamental chilling factor.

      Much is made these days of bullying. Why not view terrorism as such?

  2. Janna Brock Janna Brock says:

    Lee, you got it just right on this one. I have to say. I’m biased of course when it comes to everyone on this site!! But what you said came from straight common sense reasoning. Well done sir.

    • Lee Dodson Lee Dodson says:

      Thanks, Janna. I had the right editor on this one.

      I am taking a little flack for being so quick to make a connection with the gun control issues that will doubtless arise, but have been proven right with late reports.

      Unfortunate that those in authority are so blind to the possibilities, nay, probabilities.

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Lee Dodson

Lee Dodson
Lee Dodson is a retired contractor in California who sidelines as a writer. He's published two books (Infiltration, This Never Happened) with another (Daylight Raid) due out shortly. He has attained some prominence in news circles as a "terrorism ... Read the full profile...