Published On: Thu, Sep 19th, 2013

Big Government, Bigger Disasters

What sadness these big-government-muck-ups of the bureaucrat clan, in the progressive era, have brought to this republic. In just a little over a hundred years the BGFU have managed to stall the march to equality of opportunity and turn it into equality of dependency.

big govThere is a glimmer of light but it is fading fast. Big Government is killing this country and fast. Fortunately there are still millions of citizens who are striving to make equality of opportunity the rule rather than the exception.

If allowed to continue the BGFU will continue to muck things up until there’s a fiery crash. The rule of law is virtually nonexistent, regulations have voided opportunity, and education has failed the students. Security is just another word for green in order to advance graft and corruption. There is nothing in the affordable care act that will provide for care that is affordable. Taxation with representation is nonexistent, and truth and honor has been scrubbed from the dictionary.

Thomas Jefferson said, “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.”

A truer phrase could not be spoken. The BGFU have managed to establish 70 armed policing agencies ranging from the Library of Congress to the FBI. They tell us that these agencies are needed for our security, and to prove it ICE released 3500 illegal alien sex offenders into our population.

The NSA can collect billions of bits of information daily, yet the BGFU cannot vet nut-cases working for government contractors, or pass along information in order to stop the Boston bombing. Anyone that thinks that the BGFU have the interest of the nation in mind has visited the glue locker too often.

Glenn Beck said, “People should be free, people should be unencumbered by regulation as much as possible, that big government always goes corrupt and the truth shall always set you free.

Everyone can “smell the smoke” but not all are sure where it’s coming from. Of course the patriot knows that it is from the torches of liberty. My Grandfather use to say that government always has the tendency to enslave either through the chains of law or chains of indebtedness. Never allow yourself to be swayed by the agents of government that either is right, for any chain will soon become real.
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