Published On: Thu, Sep 19th, 2013

Put Government Shutdown Off For A Fortnight

A government shutdown is looming, like an F-5 tornado spinning in the distance. October 1, 2013 portends to be a historic political day for several reasons, none of them good, and two are downright horrible.

gov shutdownFirst in importance, due to immediate effect, is the budget ceiling crisis for which the Obama people have to hide their faces in their sleeves to cover the chortling. They planned this day to coincide with the other big horrible reason: Obamacare kicks in with full force the same day. It is the perfect political storm, and they believe they are in control to cause single-payer to be the plan’s only salvation.

Insurance company notices are already in the mail, large companies have already delivered the bad news of hikes and cutbacks to employees. UPS, one of the best companies to offer employee health packages, notified workers that family would no longer be covered under worker protection policies unless added expenses were paid by said workers.

Large cities sent notices today as to coverage. Los Angeles City personnel were told today that Argent has been replaced by Blue Shield as carrier, and the workers and families are livid.

Keeping their favorite doctor is off the table, as are many standard benefits. It is little wonder that Governor Jerry Brown is authorizing abortions performed by persons other than medical doctors. No one connected the two pieces yet, but they will.

So, yes, it is the perfect storm, but the administration is so out of touch with anyone but ideologues that it has failed to recognize one thing: it ain’t 1995-96 anymore. Now regular people are angry because they are beginning to recognize that the Democrats aren’t all they are cracked up to be.

If the GOP House gets its act together, this can be a serious, even castrating defeat for the opposition.

Obama has no bench left, nor does he have anyone but renowned hacks on his side. He has race baiters like Reid and the disgraced Pelosi, the incredibly smarmy Durbin, the camera hogging Schumer, and a staff of total lightweights. He does not have someone of the calibre of Dick Morris, who for all his foibles, is a heavyweight thinker.

The perfect storm bears with it so many scandals, IRS, Benghazi, and Syria, that lay only at Obama’s feet, that it is difficult to accept as truth obama-sweatinganything said in his defense. The President, for all his dazzling smile and grandiloquence, has nothing behind him that anybody but zealots like. He has crippled himself so badly even his biggest press boosters have begun to question the dream.

Obama is weak in every area. The combination of ACA, Syria, Benghazi, and failed gun control have crippled this administration so badly, any number of prosthetics from an adoring press will have little effect.

This does not mean that the GOP House will have an easy fight, but it can be won, and that victory could be the turning point for the country. In essence, the Republicans have to become the heroes, but they have to think, strategize.

First, the debt debate must be stalled for two to three weeks while the public grasps the financial effects of the Obamacare start-up. Two deeply cut paychecks are enough to produce real resentment in workers. Once the pay stubs reflect the scope of expense, the Democrats had better run for cover. They will pray for a shutdown just to be kept out of sight, a far cry from present behavior.

Second, there should be a name for the shutdown that sets blame where it belongs, I suggest the name be “Obama’s Government Shutdown Because He Won’t Negotiate,” and it must be uniformly described as such. Once a name sticks, it becomes what it is called. (David Ogilvy would be so proud.)

Third (and now) the Republicans must gel the message and take the risk. It needs to be out there, clear. The message must be metaphor. It must catch. It must be the tipping point.

Obama overestimates himself and underestimates his competition who has failed repeatedly to capitalize on this peccadillo. Now is the time. He’s not recognized that his ego has not the shoulders of Atlas, and because he has surrounded himself with toadies, he’s not likely to even see that his perfect storm can destroy unexpected things.

‘Tis an ill wind that blows nobody good, unless one is prepared, and the Republicans can be and better be. Time is short.


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Lee Dodson

- Lee Dodson is a retired contractor in California who sidelines as a writer. He's published two books (Infiltration, This Never Happened) with another (Daylight Raid) due out shortly. He has attained some prominence in news circles as a "terrorism writer" with his books and his Homeland Terrorism Survey that gleaned 100,000,000+ responses.He owns contractorside.com and skoshitiger.com websites. A cowboy at heart, Dodson, grew up in the southwest.

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Lee Dodson
Lee Dodson is a retired contractor in California who sidelines as a writer. He's published two books (Infiltration, This Never Happened) with another (Daylight Raid) due out shortly. He has attained some prominence in news circles as a "terrorism ... Read the full profile...