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Inflation? What Inflation? So What if Packaging Gets Smaller and the Price Remains the Same…

deodorant stick sizes

Inflation? What inflation?

If you believe what economists are telling us, inflation is not that bad. There isn’t a great deal of price increase, they say. The problem I’m noting (and you are likely noticing the same thing), is that while prices are not changing that much for many things we buy, the packaging is decreasing in size. What this means is that yes, prices are going up and in some cases, way up.

My wife noted that the deodorant she usually buys is slightly higher in price than usual, but she also noticed that the new container for the same deodorant is now quite a bit smaller. Let’s not kid ourselves, but when packaging shrinks in consumer products so that you actually get less, even if the price remains the same, that is a form of inflation. Only a moron would deny it.

The same goes for other products we purchase, like coffee. If you drink coffee – as most of us do – you may have noticed that the price of coffee has gone up a bit, but the packaging has also decreased in size. Again, this is another sign that inflation is hitting the store shelves and ultimately, our wallets. It’s almost a type of bait and switch because often, without thinking, you simply pick up the same products you’ve always purchased and drop them into the shopping basket. The fact that it feels lighter or appears smaller might not immediately be noticed, especially if the price is about the same as what you’ve normally paid. You might be tempted to ask, “Inflation? What inflation?”

Repackaging to hide inflation. It's all the rage.

Repackaging to hide inflation. It’s all the rage.

Gasoline fluctuates in price on a near-daily basis. Because you take it from the pump directly into your car, you can’t help but notice the price. We see the signs as billboards telling us how much things have changed from one day to the next where gasoline is concerned.

But a great deal of consumer products can be and are changed so that due to our busy schedules, we do not notice the shift in pricing due to smaller packaging. It is the way in which companies are dealing with rising costs, which is passed onto the consumer. Rather than simply raise prices (although that does happen too), companies prefer to reshape packaging but the goal is to make it as imperceptible as possible.

Then again, as companies attempt to hide their price increases through smaller packaging, this is really the tip of the iceberg. Recently, the Fed decided not to taper off on Quantitative Easing 3 (QE3). Had it done so, the results would have been catastrophic for the entire world, including the USA. Unfortunately, the complete global economy will eventually collapse because it’s being held up artificially through money manipulation by the powers that be.

Dave Hodges believes that “Goldman Sachs is the epitome of the word ‘evil’.” He believes this because, “The power elite residing inside of this country does not begin and end with the Federal Reserve, that privilege is reserved for the interrelationship between Goldman Sachs, the Federal Reserve, the corrupt World Bank and the IMF.” If you know nothing about the Power Elite (also called the Global Elite, the Elite, the Illuminati, etc., etc., etc.), then you owe it to yourself to start researching this subject. Dr. Dennis Cuddy, as well as Daniel Estulin (click to translate Estulin’s page) Dr. John Coleman, Michael S. Coffman, and others have much to say about this cabal.

Hodges notes that Goldman Sachs has too many individuals controlling numerous nations’ currency and gold. People like “Mario Monti, has taken over Italy to finish off what is left of the Italian financial system. Monti is also the head of the European Trilateral Commission as well as a Bilderberg member.”

Hodges states another Goldman Sachs man has taken over Greece and will do what he can to finish that nation off and also points out three main goals of Goldman Sachs that, if brought to fruition, will affect every person in the world.

  • The destruction of America’s domestic economy through the introduction of derivative debt which is 16 times greater than the world’s GDP. This goal has been accomplished as evidenced by the fact that America now has more workers on welfare (101 million) as opposed to actual full time workers (97 million).
  • Setting the chessboard in such a way that WWIII is a foregone conclusion. This is near completion as the US and Israel are poised to go to war with China and Russia, over Syria and Iran, in order to preserve the Petrodollar.
  • Initiating a false flag event which will culminate in martial law and the elimination to all opposition to both the coming WWIII and the imposition of a tyrannical world government as well as a one world economic system.

Do his words sound conspiratorial? Of course they do and that’s just what the Global Elite wants so people will ignore it. Trouble is we see it happening around us now, making it difficult to ignore.

With the Fed’s decision not to taper QE3, what it ultimately means is that they will continue buying $85 billion dollars worth of bonds every month and they will buy them through Goldman Sachs. They are doing this to bail out European banks, even though Obama said the US would not bail out European banks.

I agree with Hodges that all of this will lead to two things: 1) an economy that crashes, and 2) a huge false flag that will change the face of politics globally and could easily bring about martial law in America and elsewhere as the Global Elite installs its new global financial system. All of this could lead to WWIII and I believe that the Obama administration will seek another way to invade Syria.

Even if we cannot change things, we need to be aware of the possibilities. Forewarned is forearmed.

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