Are you growing, or dying?

D.M. Lukas is an author, entrepreneur and contributor to The Brenner Brief.

You are Either Growing or Dying:  America and Top Line Growth First, what is “top line growth” and what does it have to do with the U.S. economy?  The term “top line growth” comes from the top line of a company’s income statement which is basically gross sales or income.  A company that is able to [...]

Viva capitalismo, at least in Cuba


There is a country that is in the midst of slashing government payrolls. In this country, public sector employment actually dropped by almost 6 percent last year. They are focusing on spurring private sector growth. In fact, their private sector experienced enormous growth in 2012. In this country, the number of private sector workers increased [...]

A Letter to America: Your Decisions Are Enslaving You

D.M. Lukas is an author, entrepreneur and contributor to The Brenner Brief.

Dear United States Citizen, I am writing this letter to expose how ridiculous and inept you have become when it comes to your decisions surrounding your government.  This letter is written to gain the attention of those who need it in our society.  How do you know if I am speaking directly to you?  Well, [...]

Regaining American Exceptionalism — Part II: 6 Essential Characteristics

D.M. Lukas is an author, entrepreneur and contributor to The Brenner Brief.

This is part two in the series taken from the book, “Hope is Not a Strategy:  Leadership Lessons from the Obama Presidency.” Read Part I from yesterday regarding “successful victims.” Leadership It all starts with the right leadership, and a dose of tough love.  We cannot let the “victim mentality” become a “victim identity” for [...]

Regaining American Exceptionalism — Part I: Successful Victims

D.M. Lukas is an author, entrepreneur and contributor to The Brenner Brief.

This is the first column in what will be a two-part series, taken from the book, “Hope is Not a Strategy:  Leadership Lessons from the Obama Presidency,” which I co-authored with John Mariotti, another contributor to The Brenner Brief.  The book was an Amazon best-seller. It is sad, but the persevering, winning attitude that has made Americans [...]

Reclaim Our Republic

Knowledge Is Power


“Go then, there are other worlds than these.”

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