L. Todd Wood

L. Todd Wood graduated from U.S. Air Force Academy in 1986 and chose helicopter flight training. An assignment to the 20th Special Operations Squadron flying MH-53J Pave Low helicopters saw him deployed globally in support of counter terrorism. His customers included SEAL Team 6 and Delta Force under control of the National Command Authority. In 1994, he left the Air Force as a Captain and joined an investment bank which eventually brought him to Wall Street trading emerging market debt. He has conducted business in over forty countries. His novel, " Currency", was published in December of 2011. Although historical fiction, it jumps to the future to deal with the national debt and its security implications. " Currency" has been endorsed by the Hon. David M. Walker, former Comptroller General of the U.S. The book has received national press and extraordinary reviews.

By L. Todd Wood On Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Environmentalists Don’t Know Frack: The Truth On Hydraulic Fracking

Much has been made of the slumping economy which seems to characterize the Obama administration and its approach to governing. The uncertainty created by an overreaching tax and regulatory policy has created extreme More...

Beslan Mother
By L. Todd Wood On Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Boston Bombings And The Beslan School Massacre

Photo Of Beslan School Massacre One of the most interesting aspects of the Boston bombing story to come out in the press over the last few days has been the cooperation and sharing of information between U.S. and More...

By L. Todd Wood On Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

America’s Education System: Producing the Financially Illiterate

One by-product of our nanny state and the ineffective education system is that people have no incentive to learn about financial issues. The most rudimentary financial concepts are foreign to many of our citizens. More...

By L. Todd Wood On Tuesday, April 9th, 2013
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Unregulated Bitcoin Mining – The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

Engadget.com The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, or OECD, maintains a ‘black list’ of jurisdictions it considers uncooperative in the global fight against money laundering and terrorism More...

North Korean Nuke
By L. Todd Wood On Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

The Axis of Evil Threat Was Real, And Still Is!

It’s difficult to remember way back when George W. Bush coined the phrase Axis of Evil to describe the relationship between Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. Well, whether you agreed with the Iraq More...

German soldier at Stalingrad
By L. Todd Wood On Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Crisis In Cyprus – This Is How Wars Start

The troika of the European Union, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund have imposed a solution on the Cypriot banking crisis. The last-minute deal closes the second largest bank in Cyprus More...

Your freedoms
By L. Todd Wood On Wednesday, March 20th, 2013
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Could A Federal Balanced Budget Amendment Save America From Congress?

It pains me to think that our politicians are not responsible enough to balance our budget without a Constitutional Amendment.  Grover Norquist, the consummate anti-tax jihadist, led a panel discussion regarding More...

By L. Todd Wood On Sunday, March 17th, 2013
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The Climate Inquisition

Here’s a shocker for you – climate change is definitely happening.  What the left won’t tell you is that it has been happening throughout the ages.  What they also won’t tell you is that it’s not measurably More...

vietnam aviation
By L. Todd Wood On Sunday, March 17th, 2013
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What Is A Conservative Foreign Policy?

According to the expert panel put together by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute at CPAC 2013, the United States has rarely had a conservative foreign policy. Three academics from Boston University, The Cato More...

By L. Todd Wood On Saturday, March 16th, 2013

Goldwater: History Doesn’t Repeat, It Rhymes

History doesn’t repeat itself but it sure can rhyme.  This is the message Steve Evans promoted during a CPAC 2013 panel discussion of the history of conservatism. The Intercollegiate Studies Institute educates More...