Mike Baron

Mike Baron

Mike Baron is the creator of Nexus (with artist Steve Rude) and Badger two of the longest lasting independent superhero comics. Nexus, about a cosmic avenger 500 years in the future, appears monthly in Dark Horse Presents. There are twelve hardbound volumes from Dark Horse. Badger, about a multiple personality one of whom is an animal rights champion, will appear in September from a resurgent First Comics by the time you read this. Baron has written The Punisher, Flash, Deadman and Star Wars among many other titles. Baron has published three novels, Helmet Head, Whack Job and Biker. Helmet Head is flesh-shredding horror about Nazi biker zombies. Whack Job is mind-blowing science fiction about spontaneous human combustion. Biker is hard-boiled crime about a reformed motorcycle hoodlum turned private investigator.

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Denny O'Neil
By Mike Baron On Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Mike Baron’s Interview With Batman Comic Scribe Denny O’Neil

Mike Baron interviews Denny O’Neil, the famed comic book writer and scribe for Marvel Comics. O’Neil is perhaps best known for his 1970′s revisions on Batman comics. Denny O’Neil, long time More...