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Subject Mater Expert (SME) on the Financial Crisis. Whistleblower. 12 years on Wall Street, serial entrepreneur building/selling small businesses. The last one was to be my coup de grace achieving every entrepreneurs dream, taking the company public via an IPO I started from my basement literally under a fluorescent light, "Yes I built that" into a 310 employee mortgage banking operation in 39 states-never did subprime loans, don't believe in them. A few weeks away from our IPO, the meltdown began in 2007; we had to pull our SEC filing and eventually lost the company. Served on several mortgage and related industry boards for years; was my state's mortgage association president a few years before the financial crisis and was in Washington D.C. 4-5 times per year... saw/heard things that should have set off alarm bells as to the disaster that about to unfold. "Too close to the forest to see the trees" until it was too late, I was caught totally off guard like most people but focused my anger on writing book, exposing the people in Washington D.C., their acts and ideological goals that took down the global economy. www.skullduggerybook.com and www.skullduggerybook.blogspot.com

financial crisis
By Ted Krager On Friday, May 24th, 2013
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The Financial Crisis: Players, Setup, Hook, Tale, Wire and Finale

What were the true causes of the financial crisis? It’s complicated, very complicated so for context, I used the “Chapters” from the 1973 blockbuster hit movie: The Sting. The Players / The Setup More...

government corruption
By Ted Krager On Friday, May 17th, 2013

Harvard Professor to 2002 Senate Banking Committee: Homebuyers Are Being Ripped Off!

The opening statement by Harvard Professor Howell Jackson to the Senate Banking Committee on January 8th, 2002: Yield spread premiums and related industry practices have become a major problem for American homeowners. More...

By Ted Krager On Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Don’t Blame Deregulation, Blame The Ratings Agencies

While doing research for my book, “Skullduggery! True Causes of the Financial Crisis,” I came across a 63 page “white paper” entitled “Who’s Holding the Bag?” authored More...

By Ted Krager On Friday, April 26th, 2013

Debunking Deregulation as the Cause of the Financial Crisis

Deregulation And America’s Architects Of Destruction Ever wonder why Democrats, liberals and progressives vociferously repeat that it was “Fat Cat bankers, Greedy Wall Streeters and the Failed Policies More...

By Ted Krager On Friday, April 19th, 2013

Deregulation And America’s Architects of Destruction

Earlier this week, I violated a rule I have of not arguing politics with someone I don’t know on social media. However, on Facebook a woman posted a sign that said: If you think it wasn’t deregulation More...